This is a collection of FAQs and rulings of my own and found all over the internet. A note about legitimacy: NONE of the content in this or any FAQ is official (with the possible exception of the reprinted White Dwarf article starting this FAQ page). FAQs answered by Jervis Johnson, original designer of BloodBowl and accepted authority on the game by the game's online community, and White Dwarf and Citadel Journal, the two magazines published by Games Workshop (publisher of the game) are the closest things to official sources. Other quasi-official sources include the OLBBL (On-Line BloodBowl League), GWUK (Games Workshop UK?), OBERWALD, and the BloodBowl usenet newsgroups. Nothing is official until Games Workshop puts it in print, and BloodBowl has been discontinued.

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by Jervis Johnson in White Dwarf issue 182

Q: Can I use a team reroll to reroll the result when I'm rolling on the Kick-Off table? Or when I roll to see if a K.O.ed player recovers consciousness?

A: No to both questions. Team rerolls may only be used during your own team turn and at no other time.


Q: Do prone players have a tackle zone?

A: No they don't. This isn't specifically stated in the rules although it is noted on the introductory playsheet.


Q: Does a player with the Frenzy skill have to go for it and move extra squares if he fails to knock an opponent over when he throws a block.

A: No, but the frenzied player may attempt to move extra squares and carry on attacking if his coach wants him to.


Q: Nobbla Blackwart is armed with a chainsaw and has the frenzy skill. Does this mean that he can continue to make attacks with the chainsaw if the first attack fails to take the victim out?

A: No, the Frenzy skill only applies when Nobbla makes a block.


Q: What happens if a player with Frenzy skill blocks an opponent with Stand Firm skill and gets a push back result? Does the frenzied player carry on making blocks even though he wasn't able to push his opponent back?

A: Yes.


Q: Are all modifiers to armour and injury rolls added together? For example, if a player with Mighty Blow and Dirty Tackle fouls another player does he +4 to the armour roll (+1 Mighty Blow, +2 Dirty Tackle and +1 for the foul)?

A: Ooops! The rules for skills are missing an important note which states that only one skill may be used to modify a dice roll, although any number of other, non-skill related modifiers can also be used. In the example above, the Coach should either have his player us ehis Mighty Blow skill to modify the dice roll, or his Dirty Tackle skill to modify the dice roll, but not both (and I know which I'd use!). The +1 bonus for making a foul would still apply whichever skill was used. Note that it is only dice roll modifiers which may not be combined - a player with Strong Arm (which reduces the range of the pass) and Accurate (which gives a +1 to the pass modifier) would be allowed to use both skills on the same pass, for example.


Q: Can a player use Mighty Blow or similar skills to modify armour and/or injury rolls if:

i) A player dodges out of his tackle zone and falls over?

ii) A player is pushed off the field by the player with Mighty Blow and beaten up by the crowd?

iii) An opposing player blocks the player with Mighty Blow and falls over himself?

A: i) No, ii)No, iii)Yes.


Q: Does the diving tackle skill allow a player with the skill to make a block against every opponent that enters his tackle zone, or may it only be used once per opposing team turn?

A: The skill may only be used once per opposing team turn.


Q: May a player who has been hypnotised assist a block?

A: Yes, but note that because they have lost their tackle zone, they do not stop any opposing players lending an assist as well.


Q: Does a player with Horns and Frenzy skill recieve the +1 strength modifier when he follows up and makes an extra block?

A: The player counts +1 strength for the extra blocks, but only if they occur as part of a blitz action.


Q: Are the conditions for making a foul the same as for a block?

A: No. You can assist a foul even if you are in an opposing player's tackle zone.


Q: Does a K.O.ed player get a chance to recover from his injury before every kick-off?

A: Yes.


Q: The 'Sorry' and 'Sorry Sir' special play cards can result in a team's Head Coach (i.e. me!) getting killed. Is this correct? And if it is, what effects does it have?

A: Yes, these cards can be used against Head Coaches. If the Head Coach is injured or killed then he may not argue the call for the rest of the match (and Undead Necromancer's may not use their 'Raise The Dead' spell either). If a Head Coach is killed then he is replaced for free in time for the next match. Undead teams that lose their Necromancer Head Coach can carry on playing, but none of the players in the team are allowed to Regenerate as this function is performed by the Head Coach rather than the players themselves. The Necromancer will be repaced for the next match in the same way as a normal Head Coach.


Q: If a player holding the ball is pushed off the field and becomes a casualty, does the player who pushed him get 2 star player points? And does the ball get thrown back in by the fans as normal?

A: Yes to both questions.


Q: After the ball has scattered D6 squares at the kick-off and lands in an empty square in the recieving team's half, what happens if the ball bounces off the field? Is it thrown in or is it a touchback?

A: The recieving team gets a touchback.


Q: When a player dodges away from one of your players and fails the dodge roll and then suffers an injury, does the player he was dodging away from earn 2 star player points for inflicting a casualty?

A: No.


Q: Do niggling injuries last for a whole season? Or are they cancelled out once a 2-6 is rolled on a D6 in the pre-match sequence?

A: Niggling injuries are permanent and are never ever lost! A player that has picked up several niggling injuries has to roll for each and every one of them before each and every match that he plays!


Q: If a standing player is pushed into a square containing the ball does he get a chance to pick it up or does it scatter one square.

A: It scatters one square.


Q: If a player thrown by a team mate lands in the same square as another player, do either (or both) of the players need to make an armour roll followed by an injury roll after they are knocked over?

A: Yes. Unless the rules state otherwise, a player that is knocked over for any reason must make an armour roll to avoid injury.


Q: The Landing Modifiers on the example of Throwing a Team-Mate are different to those printed in the rules. Which is correct?

A: The Landing Modifiers printed in the rules are the correct ones (i.e. +1 for an accurate pass, -1 per tackle zone on the square where the player lands).


Q: A number of Dwarf players have the Tackle skill, but it's not described in the Blood Bowl Handbook. How does the skill work?

A: Ooops! I'm afraid I managed to miss the Tackle skill out of the handbook, although it is in Death Zone. If a player has the Tackle skill then opposing players who are in his tackle zone are not allowed to use their Dodge skill if they attempt to dodge out of the player's tackle zone, nor may they use their Dodge skill if the player throws a block at them.


Q:Aren't the undead a little too regenerative? It is impossible to kill them!

A: The Regeneration skill in league play should be changed to regenerate on a roll of 4+ instead of 2+. This only applies in league play, in one-off games the rules are good as they are.


Q:What should be done in large tournaments to avoid the coaches from playing sneaky tricks during the play-off?

A: Leagues with more than eight teams could play quarter-finals before semi-finals in their tournament to avoid those sneaky tricks during play-off.

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Q: When do I declare that I am making my blitz or a pass?

A: Jervis: An action must be declared before it is started; a pass or blitz must be announced before the player moves.


Q: When can illegal procedure be called?

A: Jervis: Illegal procedure can be called as long as player does anything game mechanics before moving the down marker. Certain unique aspects of the game can also warrant an illegal procedure call, such as moving a player before moving a fanatic goblin or a player with a ball and chain.


Q: When can't an apothecary be used?

A: Jervis: Apothecaries cannot save players from crowd injuries, and failed healing attempts cannot be rerolled.


Q: Must a player always use all abilities?

A: Jervis: It is assumed that a player will use an ability unless the coach states that the ability will not be used (for example, a player with stand firm can be allowed to be pushed back)


Q: Is there a turnover if a thrown player falls over?

A: Jervis: Only if that player was holding the ball.


Q: Can a player intercept a throw-in?

A: Jervis (through GWUK): Both teams get one try. No SPPs are awarded for success.


Q: Can a player who is pushed back into an occupied square push back another player who has stand firm?

A: GWUK: No.


Q: Which goes first: the kick-off blitz turn, or the scattering of the ball from the kickoff?

A: Newsgroup: The ball drops and is scattered and touchback is handled before the blitz move.


Q: Can a player with the ball catch a bomb?

A: Khopesh: For a player to catch an item while already holding the item, the player must drop the ball (it will scatter) and then try to catch the item with a -1 penalty representing the time and distraction required to drop the ball.

A: Newsgroup: Nothing may be caught by a player already holding something.


Q: Can a player wait until an opposing player dodges away before useing the shadowing ability?

A: Newsgroup: Yes, a player may wait to see if the opponent fails the dodge roll before choosing to use the shadowing ability.


Q: Does nerves of steel help a player pick up the ball?

A: Newsgroup: No.


Q: Can a player use the pro skill during the opponent's turn?

A: Newsgroup: No.

A: Khopesh: Only if using the diving tackle skill.


Q: How about jump up, dauntless, and piling on?

A: Newsgroup: No, only during your own team turn.


Q: Are vampires big guys?

A: Jervis: No. They earn SPPs at the same rate as big guys and may eliminate their negative skill on doubles, but vampires are neither big nor stupid.


Q: What are the limits to a team's number of secret weapons?

A: Newsgroup(Jervis?): Goblins may have any number of secret weapons. Dwarves are limited to one chainsaw, but may otherwise have unlimited secret weapons. Other teams may have only ONE secret weapon. ONLY linemen may have secret weapons. A seperate roll is made for each secret weapon (not each secret weapon type) for determining whether it is noticed and banned.


Q: Shouldn't disabled players lessen a team's team rating?

A: Khopesh: For every two niggling injuries, subtract one point from the team's rating (round number to subtract down). Two players missing the next game count as one niggling injury for determining this (round up on this one). This should help stunty and weak teams a little.


Q: Can I pick a physical ability twice to gain extra advantage? (For example, 2 spikes for AV + 2?)

A: F R Hughes, Jens Rettig, Jacob Jonsson: No.


Q: Does a handoff count as a "completed pass" for SPP points? Does the Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss count?

A: F R Hughes, Jens Rettig, Jacob Jonsson: No to both, because no passing skill rolls are necessary. Why give SPP for something that's automatic?

A: Khopesh: I have seen good arguments for both rulings. My current league coordinator says yes to handoffs, and nobody has a blunderbuss yet.


Q: Who gets the SPP if someone is pushed into the fans and becomes a casualty?

A: Newsgroup(Jervis?): The pusher.

A: F R Hughes, Jens Rettig, Jacob Jonsson: When a player is knocked into the fans, make a normal armor roll, then the injury roll. If the armor roll is successful, the player gets the SPP (if any); if it failed, the points go to the fans.


Q: How do regenerating players regenerate without a necromancer?

A: Jervis/Newsgroup: Only undead creatures require a necromancer to regenerate. Vampires are neither big guys nor undead. Trolls, Vampires, Scaven, Chaos, and other non-undead players regenerate naturally and do not need a necromancer to regenerate. Regenerative undead need to be under the control of a necromancer; they cannot be traded or otherwise obtained by non-undead teams.


Q: Can I forfeit?

A: Jervis/Newsgroup: Sure, but you won't get any winnings and you'll lose 1d6 fan factor (up to half of your fan factor) unless you have three or fewer players on the pitch (remember that you must put as many players on the pitch as possible up to eleven. Teams with three or fewer players on the pitch may forfeit and end the game taking a loss (still collecting winnings and adjusting fan factor as if the game had finished and the forfeitting team had lost. Even if the score was in the forfeitting team's favor, the opponent wins.

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