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TSR is quite an interesting company. Aside from making AD&D and D&D products, TSR makes Dragonlance: Fifth Age (not an AD&D product), Spellfire and Blood Wars (two card games), and Dragon Dice (a dice game).

In the past, TSR has released/lisenced dice, audio CD games, action figures, miniatures, a cartoon show (previously available through Best Film & Video), several board games, two card games (as noted above), four magazines (Amazing Adventures, Dragon, Dungeon, and Polyhedron Newzine), dozens of role-playing games / wargames (Chainmail, D&D, AD&D, Alternity, Dangerous Journeys, Dragonlance: Fifth Age, Gamaworld, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Frontiers, Top Secret/SI, and many more), video games with Nintendo, Sega, and 3DO, and dozens of computer games (Through several computer gaming companies including Interplay (Decent to the Undermountain), Sierra (Birthright), and SSI (makers of all AD&D computer games not already mentioned)). The best of the SSI games are Strahd's Possession, Stone Prophet, and Menzoberranzan, all in a first-person point of view simmilar to Doom and its genre of games.

TSR runs Gen-Con, the big game show that is found in Missouri annually, and the RPGA Network (Roll Playing Game Association Network).

TSR's Gary Gygax, now working with another company, first created a wargame/role playing game called "Chainmail" in the 1970's, and soon, Chainmail evolved into Dungeons and Dragons. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons followed after a few years. The Second Edition of the game was brought about in 1989 by the initiative of a David "Zeb" Cook. In 1996, the Second Edition was revised. There are now very detailed and organized books on the basics of the game to the very minute of details, also available on CD-ROM (Core Rules).

The following is from the TSR FAQ section:

Between March and June, TSR was bought by another fantasy products company. At first it was a rumor, then it was official. On June 3, 1997, Wizards of the Coast, makers of Magic: The Gathering, officially completed purchasing TSR. The details are posted on this press release. They promise to be responsible and not to bring about drastic changes to the TSR products. The TSR headquarters will most likely be moved to around Renton, Washington (from Lake Geneva, WI). The TSR-owned Gen-Con game fair will also be moved to Washington after this summer.

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  • TSR's FTP site. Note that this is a FTP site, and there are no HTML pages here. This site is mostly for images and downloading.
  • A good explanation and history of Role playing games, including some background info on TSR.
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