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Velcome to Sithiticus, the world of gothic horror. The mists trap you. The residents betray you. Anything looking safe isn't. Ghosts haunt you. Be afraid. You are being watched...

The NNHS FRP club has visited this horrific world in the ingenious adventure, Hour of the Knife. A madman was going around killing women. The party tried to stop it but they found a town conspiracy instead. A must play for all you X-Philes out there.

Vampire and undead lovers are at home here! The monstrous compendium for Ravenloft includes vampire versions of all races, including kender.

Enter: Strahd, ruler of Barovia. Strahd became a vampire by accident, but it was his doing (through a powerful spell). He is VERY powerful. Van Richen (bard?) writes about him and there is also a book (I, Strahd)and computer game (Strahd's Possesion) on him.

Others dwell here, too, including Krynn's Lord Soth and Azalin.

The best book in the Ravenloft is most definately I, Strahd, by P. N. Elrod. Elrod writes many vampire books outside TSR that are also worth reading.

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