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Mystara is the replacement of Greyhawk, as one of the two (the other being the Forgotten Realms) generic campaign worlds. Once a world in normal D&D, Mystara was recently translated into the Advanced system. Most of the Mystara releases under the AD&D title have been Audio CD games, where the DM does less, and uses the CD for the lines of the adventurers and those they encounter. The First Quest game, now called Introduction to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, is set in the world of Mystara.

Personally, and I'm sure that many would back me up on this, I prefered the Greyhawk world. It was more developed, and it was the original. There are (were) tons of sourcebooks available for it, including countless adventures.

There are very few novels in this series, and I've heard that they aren't very good. If you want a book on a generic world, try those of the Forgotten Realms series, or, the Greyhawk series.

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