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Birthright is probably the most geniously constructed campaign world out there. Most of the rules are complicated and apply only to Birthright. In Birthright, a player has three options: Be an unblooded character (and lead an unpreductive, boring, restrictive life), be a blooded noble, or a blooded regent. Those with blood abilities are linked to thier land and it gives its regent regency, which allows the regent to preform actions for his realm/area of control.

This is my current favorite world, better than Dark Sun, because it doesn't give me too much control (although I do enjoy playing Dark Sun, it is a pain to DM, but then again, so is Birthright).

Blood abilities are cool. They are yet another way to get a powerful character, and you won't find a blooded beings on Athas! Here's a brief description:

Blooded beings have the powers left to them by their ancestors, who absorbed it from the gods at the Battle of Mount Deismarr (or through investiture). There are all kinds of abilities; affinities with animals, resistance to elements, even regeneration. The amount of abilities one gets is up to his bloodline strength, which can be anywhere from one to infinity. The Gorgon has the most of those that I have seen, ranking about 120.

There are a few good novels in this series, my friends say that all of them are good. For newcomers, I recommend the book The Iron Throne.

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