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         Hi! I'm Adam Katz of Newton, Massachusetts. I am majoring in Computer Science at Northeastern University in Boston.
         I am an audiophile. I listen to rock music and have a very large collection of CDs and MP3s. See my pages on music for more info.
         Okay, so you're really interested in me? Here's what I did in high school: AP Computer Science (C++), AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, Myth/Folklore/Sci-Fi, Popular American Culture. Extra-Curricular (all school-related): Stage Crew, Fantasy Role Playing Club (head), WBUG (the NNHS radio station, head), Newtonian Yearbook, TigerNet, Assasains Guild, and I'm the guy who does the announcements on the new monitors on Main Street. I also enjoy the internet (mostly for the www, not games, not muds, not muds!), rock concerts, cast parties, and flaunting the law.
         I also played Magic: The Gathering before it lost its hold here in Newton, Mass. Those new (as in Ice-Age, Mirage, Tempest, Stronghold, Weatherlight, Portal--not even playable, and . . . ohmygosh I don't even know dem new ones any more!) expansion set/spinoffs were horrible to keep in touch with, unless I devoted all of my time to them (but then again, isn't that the idea?). In addition, Wizards of the Coast issues new expansions that are far too big, far too often. I can still play type one, but I sold all my cards worth over thirty bucks (but its still a good deck; just not a mox/lotus/juzam type deck). I quit sometime this summer after winning a real tournament (nonsanctioned, and I got about $150), my third victory but first real victory (under $30 just doen't count).
         One of the real reasons why I stopped was that I lost all respect for the company, itself. Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has seen no glory outside the collectable genres. The US patent office even awarded them a patent for collectable card games! This means that WotC can now go up to their number one competetor, whomever this may be, and *poof!* money appears in their opened hands. When WotC bought TSR last year, I was awestricken. Once Magic:TG dies out for good, TSR will be the only thing holding WotC from collapsing, a child complaining of old age, depending on an old uncle, still strong.
         Read more about my opinion of Wizards of the Coast, HERE.
         My real love outside audio and computers (perhaps my number one true love) is my campaign setting for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, RiverStrong. I have poured over five years into its creation and my current printing is well over a hundred pages without the history and expantions that I have only begun to record. I reworked almost all of the systems and am eventually going to translate parts of it into HTML. I have already translated some of the cults and Multi-Classing, and the next one to come will be the new wizardly system.

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