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         Welcome to the dark home of Khopesh (who?). I am a big time Advanced Dungeons & Dragons player. I am currently involved in a dozen or so various compaigns, several Birthright (the wargame expansion) campaigns and a few other ones, as well.
         What the heck is this place, anyway? You are reading a web page devoted to Fantasy Role Playing, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in particular. I, Khopesh, am an experienced gamer and am out to mak--show you my spoils of war--err...surfing. You will be able to find links to dozens of high quality web pages devoted to AD&D, as well as all of the info on the campaign worlds, TSR's and the net's, that you'll ever need.
         AD&D has been my favorite activity since just before second edition (1989). I have a very large collection of TSR's recent and older AD&D products, ranging from the original Monster Manual (1977) through Birthright and the World Builder's Guidebook (fall 1997), including the entire Player's Handbook Supplement line for generic AD&D and a collection of Dragon Magazines.
         I am an experienced Dungeon Master (over eight years), and a seasoned player (of about eleven years). I am currently building a campaign world based on the combination of Cerilia (Birthright) and Athas (Dark Sun) set in an Egyptian world. The Fantasy Role Playing Club at Newton North High School is currently play-testing it. Stay tuned for a history lesson on that subject.
         I know a considerable amount about all of the campaign worlds, new and old. If you have questions about any, or don't know about some and would like to, check out my Campaign World section. If you still have questions, you can ask me.
         In addition to AD&D, I have played TSR's Gammaworld, Wizards of the Coast's Magic: The Gathering, Steve Jackson Games's Toon, Knightmare Chess, and popular Gurps, as well as White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade.
         Send me mail! I love recieving comments on my page! Don't forget to mention how you found me, your URL (web page), your favorite parts of AD&D, and comments.


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