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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

General AD&D

  • Khopesh's AD&D Pages
  • Khopesh's campaign world summaries
  • Links to world-specific pages.
  • TSR's official home page
  • Wizards of the Coast's Homepage
  • TSR's old FTP site.
  • A history of role playing games
  • The web's oldest RPG site!
  • Femur Rules
  • Froghaven Vale
  • Kosala's Pages
  • Olik's AD+D Pages
  • The Dread Pirate Mike
  • Peta's Pages
  • Howling Caves
  • Zendill's Oasis
  • Starmage's WebPage

    RPG Organization/Magazine Sites

  • RPG top 5% elite award
  • RAWS; Rated ad+d sites
  • Great RPG Archive Top Ten
  • The Great Net Book Archive
  • WebRPG
  • The Unearthed Arcania AD&D Netbook
  • @Fantasy
  • The RPG Times
  • Sphere Fantasy

    AD&D Tools

  • TuDragons AD+D software
  • A good index of online AD&D tools.
  • The Cave
  • Irony Games Tools
  • Name Generator (a la The Cave)
  • Chris Pound's Name Generator
  • Irony Games (main page)

    New Races and Classes

  • Shadow Elf, TSR-approved
  • Sword Mage (kit)
  • War Mage and Holy Slayer (kits)


  • A unique spell system
  • Carnal Guide, (AD&D guide to Sex).
  • Gary Gygax's Homepage.
  • R. A. Salvatore's Homepage.
  • Tracy Hickman's Homepage.
  • All of T$R's official trademarks
  • Yahoo! D+D listings

    Fantasy Art


    • GODSMACK Official, THE band on the rise. Previously a local Boston Band, these guys are hard rock personified! (Whatever, Moon Baby, Now or Never, Voodoo, all on the SAME CD).
    • Tribute to Kurt Cobain website.
    • Tool's official Webpage (46&2, Ænema, Eulogy, Sober).
    • Our Lady Peace's official homepage (Superman is Dead, Naveed, Clumsy).
    • Metallica's official site (Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, Sad But True, King Nothing, Ain't My Bitch, Fuel, The Unforgiven).
    • A really good Nine Inch Nails page (Head Like a Hole, Heresy, Eraser, The Perfect Drug).
    • White Zombie official (More Human than Human, Boogiman).
    • Guns 'n Roses page - very well done (Welcome to the Jungle, NightTrain).
    • A Silverchair page (Freak).
    • Korn Official. (Blind, All in the Family).
    • Marilyn Manson (official), Mr. Antichrist. (Beutiful People, Turniquette, Dope Show).
    • WAAF 107.3 FM, The Only Station That Really Rocks, Massachusett's best radio station.
    • WFNX 101.7 FM, Boston's Only Real Alternative, a station that plays slightly softer music.
    • Rocko, WAAF dj's website

    Friends' Homepages

    • Menntul, "Anarky is better than no government at all" -is that how you spell anarchy, Ben?
    • Guy Mann. Damnit, Guy! How the hell do I describe your page?
    • Michael Berman, obsessed with Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series enough to pay $50/month for this domain. Also the Editor-in-Chief of TigerNet, the official NNHS Internet Publication.
    • Nathan Tardiff, obsessed with Jordan just like Berman.
    • Steve "X" Pomeroy, a little too computer saavy.
    • Dan Persons is probably too high to have his page up yet.
    • Are you a friend that I've forgotten to add here? (Some friend, eh?) I've probably just forgotten. Maybe you never gave me your URL in the first place (ahem! Sam!) Nag me, but not too often; I may be ignoring you.


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