The Meaning of Life
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         Perhaps the most often asked question of difficulty is as simple as asking why we live. There are thousands of responses, the most significant of which are printed here along with my own views.
         People have always been obsessed with the meaning of life. There are dozens if not hundreds of movies dedicated to the vague meanings of life, including one by Monty Python (entitled The Meaning of Life). There are hundreds of songs titled or discussing "The Meaning Of Life" (including those by Offspring and Metallica from the world of modern rock). There are probably more great essays and speeches regarding the subject. There are thousands of novels and nonfiction books dealing with the topic, one of the most famous of which is Douglas Addams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (The purpose of the planet Earth). Subjects of interviews are often asked about "life" and its meaning or relevance to themselves.

Why is Life?What is <the meaning of> Life?Who is life?Where is life?When is life?How is life?Is Life?Why do we live, think, and philosophize?What is the Question of Life to Which the Answer is 42?

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