Dissective Definitions
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         Certain words have parts that mean rather interesting things. There words are here for your enjoyment. Please add some!
         Bathometer; tool used to measure bathtubs.
         Bathophobia; fear of bathing.
         Bedridden; having travelled in a bed.
         Bedrock; a bed made of stone.
         Beer; <Be + er>  one who is.
         Bibcock; a rooster that eats all of the food you drop before it stains your shirt.
         Betray; to exist as a serving platter.
         Bibliography; <Biblion, book (Greek) + graphic, pictural>  a comic book (i.e. graphic novel)
         Coordinate; <Co, same (Latin) + ordinare, to ordain (Latin)>  To order the same thing.
         Copulative; related to a police officer.
         Diary; <Di, through (also two) (Greek) + airy>  by air; air mail.
         Diet; to color a T shirt.
         Disobey; to insult and then comply with the penalties.
         Extended; was cared for (tended)
         Fellow; to fall and say, Oww!
         Frankenstein <Frank, brief + en, to go into + stein, a pint-size mug for beer>  to quickly drink a pint of beer.
         Godchild; the child of God, i.e. Jesus (hey, its a Christian term, anyway).
         Goad; a moble commercial (the ad goes).
         Goodman; a man covered in goo.
         Heal; a statement proclaiming that helium is all around us.
         Homunculus; <Homo, man (Latin) + un, not + culus, bane (Greek)>  not man's problem.
         Hundred; to dread Mongolians.
         Illuminate; to poorly light something.
         Injury; the state of being on a jury.
         Jerkin; relatives of a jerk.
         Junk mail; Chinese trading ships sent bulk mail.
         Keystone; a key made of rocks.
         Knapsack; a bag for sleeping. Most knapsacks have hooks on top to hang up the sleeper.
         Laboratory; either a lab or a British Conservative Party member (Tory).
         Machine; the speed of sound expressed in multiples of e (2.18...).
         Magma; the typical mother as depicted by magazines.
         Mail; a mother that is sick.
         Model; the average of the letter L.
         Modem; the average of the letter M.
         Occident; a British accident (with a Brittish accent).
         Open; of (or relating to) a pen.
         Oology; the science of gasping (oohs and aahs).
         Oppress; the opposite of pressing; to pull.
         Package; an old bundle or sack.
         Pageant; a beuty contest among apprentices to knights.
         Painter; one who is constantly annoying.
         Parabola: <Para, beside (Greek) or for (Spanish) + bola, ball (Spanish)>  reguarding a ball; not bolas.
         Pilot; a person who quotes the number pi (3.14159...) a lot.
         Polygon; away from home many times.
         Polynesia; a great deal of memory loss (amnesia).
         Questionable; to seek the able.
         Quite; making little or no sound (a common mispelling of quiet).
         Represent; to announce again.
         Romantic; <Roman + antic, a mischevious act (both English)>  illicit activity in Rome.
         Rustic; of, relating to, or typically made of rusted metal.
         Secure; <Se, without (Latin) + cure)>  without a medical cure.
         Spanking; spinning a king.
         Spellbound; bound for a short but indefinate amount of time.
         Stillman; still a man.
         Stockpot; marijuana commodities (stock market).
         Template; a temporary plate.
         Template; having eaten a temple.
         Thyme; I am yours (literally "your me"). Good response to Valentines day cards asking, "Be mine."
         Toothbrush; also the brush.
         Undermined; the subconscious (under the mind).
         Viagra; <Via, by/through the + grab>  to grab through testosterone.
         Whopper; <wappen, to throw violently (Old English)   = >   Whop, to thrash/defeat>  one who throws things violently.
         Xerox; <xero, dry + X, an unknown variable/thing>  to dry something.
         Yellow; to shout, "Oww!"
         Zoological; logically, a zoo.

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