The Crude Thesaurus
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         Ever hear some strange word not knowing what it means? Like to say things that actually have completely different connotations from their dictionary definitions? Lost? Here you go, more terms for that stuff everybody is always talking about. If you would take offense reading this, you have no business here. In the event that I forgot something or you have some term that I don't (and that belongs here), send it to me.

Words that mean:

Male Genitals
Well Endowed (Male)
Crab Lice
Female Genitals
Female Genital Related
Sanitary Napkin
Sexual Arousal
Sexually Fixated
Illegitimate Child
Easy Woman
Maturbate (Male)
Masturbate (Female)
Homosexuals (Male)
Homosexuals (Female)
Anal Intercouse
Mutual Oral Sex
The Posterior--All Parts


Aaron's Rod, Arm, Baby-Maker, Blue Vein Meatroll, Bald-Headed Butler, Bald-Headed Mouse, Belly Buster, Bathtub eel, Bearded Blood Sausage, Bird, Bone, Baloney, Banana, Bat, Bayonet, Bean Tosser, Beef, Belly Ruffian, Blade, Broomstick, Bum Tickler, Bush Beater, Button-Hole Worker, Cock, Candle, Carrot, Club, Crack Haunter, Cranny Hunter, Cracksman, Creamstick, Culty Gun, Carnal Stump, Chicken, Child-Getter, Chink-Stopper, Corey, Crook, Dick, Dork, Dong, Doniker, Dingus, Dipstick, Dagger, Dart of Love, Dearest Member, Dicky, Ding-Dong, Dinger, Dingle-Dangle, Dummy, Dodaddy, Dolly, Dooflicker, Down-Leg, Dragon, Eel, End, Family-Organ, Fiddle Bow, Fish, Fishing Rod, Flapper, Fool-Sticker, Forefinger, Fucker, Foreman, Gun, Gut Wrench, Giggle Stick, Gadget, Gardener, Giggling Pin, Gooser, Gravy Maker, Frinding Tool, Gristle, Gut Stick, Hair Splitter, Hambone, Hammer, Hanging Johnny, Hoe Handle, Holy Porker, Horn, Hose, Hot Rod, Heat-Seeking Moisture Missle, Hairy Hot Dog, Jack in the Box, Jemson, Jerking Iron, Jigger, Jing Jang, Jockam, Johnnie, Johnny One-Eye the , Bald-Headed Champ, Johnson, Joint, Joy Knob, Joy Prong, Joy Stick, Key, Kidney Cracker, Kidney Wiper, Kielbasa, King Member, Knob, Knocker, Ladies' Delight, Ladies' Lollipop, Ladies' Treasure, Lamp of Life, Lance, Life Preserver, Little Brother, Little Willie, Liver Turner, Live Sausage, Lizard, Lob, Lobcock, Lobster, Lollypop, Long John, Love Dart, Love Gun, Love Muscle, Lucy, Lung Disturber, Mad Mick, Magic Wand, Man-Root, Marrow Bone, Master John Thursday, Master of Ceremonies, Meat, Meat Hook, Meat Whistle, Member, Merrymaker, Middle Leg, Milkman, Mister Goodwrench, Mister Tom, Mouse , Muscle, Mutton Dagger, My Body's Captain, Natural Scythe, Needle, Nimrod, Nippy, Noodle, Noony, Old Blind Bob, One-Eyed Milkman, One-Eyed Trouser Trout, One-Eyed Night Crawler in the Turtle-Neck , Sweater, One-Eyed Wonder Worm, Pant Muscle, Pecker, Pee-Pee, Pen, Pencil, Pendulum, Perch, Peter, Piccolo, Picklock, Pikestaff, Pile Driver, Pin, Pink Pencil, Pipe, Pisser, Pistol, Plugtail, Pocket Piccolo, Pocket Rocket, Pointer, Poker, Pole, Pork, Pork Sword, Post, Prick, Pride & Joy, Prong, Pud, Pudding, Pump Handle, Purple-Helmeted Warrior of Love, Pup, Putz, Quickening Peg, Quimstake, Ram , Ramrod, Raw Meat,Reamer, Red Cap,Rod , Rod of Love, Rolling Pin, Root, Rudder, Rupert, St. Peter, Russel the Wonder, Muscle, Salami, Sausage, Sceptre, Schlong, Sexing Piece, Shaft, Shmock, Short Arm, Sove Devil, Shvontz, Silent Flute, Skin Flute, Snake, Spigot, Spike-Faggot, Spindle, Split-Rump, Spout, Staff, Steaming Hot Kanga, Stem, Stick, Sting, Stump, Sugar Stick, Sword, Tail Pin, Tally-Whacker, Tassel, Tent Pig, Thing, Third Leg, Thistle, Throbber, Throbbing Python of Love, Tickle-Gizzard, Tickler, Tong, Tool, Torch or Cupid, Toy, Trap-Stick, Trouser Anaconda, Tube Steak, Uncle Dick, Vomiting Cobra, Wand, Wang, Wazoo, Weapon, Wedge, Weenie, Whacker, Whip, Whistle, Whore-Pipe, Wick, Willie, Wingle, Wire, Worm, Yang, Yard, Yosh, Zubrick.


Basket for Days, Donkey-Rigged, Double-Shung, Hung Like a Bull, Miracle Meat, Timbered, Tons of Basket, Tons of Meat, Well-Favored by Nature, Well Hung, Yard.


Baby Food, Baby Juice , Bull Gravy, Buttermilk, Chism, Come, Cream, Crud, Cum, Duck Butter, Fetch, Glue, Gravy, Hockey, Honey, Hot Milk, Jam, Jazz, Jelly, Jism, Jizz, Juice, Letch Water, Load, Love Liquor, Man Oil, Marrow, Mettle, Mild, Oil of Man, Ointment, Oyster, Prick Juice, Pudding, Scum, Seed, Slime, Soap, Spendings, Sperm, Spew, Spratz, Spume, Spunk, Starch,Stuff, Tail Juice, Tail Water, Tallow, Wad, White Blow, White Honey.


Pearl Necklace, Pecker Tracks, Wet Dream.


Big Bang, Bust Your Nuts, Come , Come Off, Cream, Cum, Die in a Woman's Lap, Drop Your Load, Fire a Shot, Get Off, Get the Dirty off Your Chest, Get Wet, Get Your Cookies, Get Your Jollies, Get Your Rocks Off, Go Off, Number Three, Pop a Nut, Shoot, Shoot Off, Shoot Your Wad, Spend, Squirt.


Ballocks, Balls, Bangers, Beecham's Pills, Bird's Eggs, Boo-Boos, Charlies, Cherries, Chestnuts, Clangers, Cojones, Cubes, Danglers, Eggs, Family Jewels, Glands, Goolies, Jewels, Kanakas, Love Apples, Marbles, Marshmallows, Nards, Nuts, Onions, Plums, Pounders, Rocks, Seeds, Slashers, Spunk Holders, Squirrel Food, Stones, Swingers.


Ball Bag, Hairy Bag ,Poke, Sack.


Active Citizens, Crabs, Crotch Crickets, Gentlemen's Companions, Neighbors To the South, Pants Rabbits, Seam Squirrels.


Coachman on the Box, French Gout, Irish Mutton, Ladies' Fever, Lifelong Friend, Neapolitan Bone Ache, Old Joe, Siff, Spanish Needle, The Old Dog.


Burner, Clap, Dose, Gleet, Glim, Haircut, Lues, Lulu, Morning Drop, Piss Pins and Needles, Piss Pure Cream, Stank Cock, Strain, Tear.


Ace of Spades, Adam's Cave, Altar of Love, Bearded Clam, Beaver, Belly Entrance, Black Bess, Bluebeard's Closet, Box, Brown Madam, Bull's Eye, Bunny, Bush, Button Hole, Cabbage Patch, Canal, Candle Holder, Cat's Meat, Cave of Harmony, Cavern, Cellar Door, Chocha, Cleft, Clutch, Cockpit, Cookie, Coot, Cootch, Cooze, Coupler, Crack, Cranny, Crease, Crevice, Crotch, Crumpet, Cunny, Cunt, Dimple, Divine Scar, Donut, Drain, Eel-Skinner, Fish Tank, Flytrap, Fort Bushy, Front Window, Fur, Furbox, Furburger, Furrow, Gap, Gaper, Gash, Gate of Heaven, Ginch, Ginny, Girl-Street, Goat-Milker, Gully-Hole, Hair, Haircourt, Hair Pie, Happy Valley, Harbor of Hope, Hatch, Hog Eye, Hole, Honey-Hive, Honey-Pot, Horse Collar, Hot Box, Hot Spot, House Under the Hill, Irish Fortune, Itching Jenny, Jack Nasty-Face, Jaxy, Jelly-Roll, Juice Box, Keyhole, Lady Jane, Lamp of Love, Lapland, Lather-Maker, Little Mary, Locker, Long-Eye, Love Tunnel, Lower Lips, Magpie's Nest, Main Vein, Manhole, Mark of the Beast, Meat , Meat Grinder, Mom's Homemade Slit Pie, Mound, Mount Pleasant, Mouse, Mouth-that-Cannot-Bite, Muff, Naf, Nature's Tufted Treasure, Nest, Niche, Nook, Nooky, Notch, Oat-Bin, Old Mossyface, Organ Grinder, Oven, Oyster Catcher, Patch, Pelt, Penwiper, Pie, Piece, Pin Cushion, Pipe Cleaner, Piss Flaps, Pit, Playpen, Pocket, Poke Hole, Poontang, Poor Man's Blessing, Prick Purse, Pussy, Quiff, Quim, Quiver, Rose, Screw-Hole, Slash, Slit,Slot, Snapper, Snappin' Pussy, Snatch, Snatch-Box, Stank, Steam Room, Stuff, Socket, Sportsman's Gap, Sugar Basin, Tail, Temple of Low Men, Tool-Chest, Toy Shop, Treasure Chest, Trench, Triangle, Trim, Tube, Tuna Taco, Tunnel, Tunnel of Love, Twat, Tweeze, Twitcher, Vag, Valley, Venus Highway, Vertical Smile, Wet Cave of Lust, Wooly-Booger, Works, Yawne, Yum-Yum.


Boy-In-The-Bush, Bush, Button, Cherry, Clamp, Clit, Clitty, Cleopatra, Lady's Low Toupee, Lather, Letch-Water, Love Juice, Man-in-the-Canoe, Merkin, Mugget, Pussy Fart, Vaginal Blood Fart.


Apples, Balcony, Balloons, Bangers, Bazongas, Bazooms, Bean Bags, Bert & Ernies, Big Brown Eyes, Bon-Bons, Boobies, Boobs, Bottles, Boulders, Bullets, Bumpers, Busters, Butterbags, Cantaloupes, Gazongas, Glands, Globes, Grapefruits, Guavas, Handful, Hand-Warmers, Headers, Headlights, Hills, Honkers, Hooters, Howitzers, Jaboos, Jibs , Jugs, Jumbos, Kazongas, Knobs, Knockers, Lactoids, Loaves, Loblollies, Love Bubbles, Love Muffins, Lulus, Lungs, Mammets, Mams, Mangoes, Meatballs, Meat Loaves, Melons, Milk Cans, Milk Shop, Mounds, Mount of Lilies, Mountains, Muffins, Mulligans, Murphies, Nancies, Nature's Fonts, Niblets, Ninnies, Nippers, Nodules, Noogies, Nubbies, Nuts, Oranges, Orbs, Ottomans, Pair, Palookas, Papayas, Paps, Peaches, Peaks, Pears, Pects, Peepers, Pillows, Pips, Pokers, Pontoons, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Pumps, Rib Cushions, Roundies, Sandbags, Scones, Scoops, Set, Shakers, Shimmies, Skin Sacks, Snuggle Pups, Spheres, Spuds, Stacks, Stuffing, Sweater Meat, Sweet Rolls, Swingers, Tamales, Tetons, Tidbits, Tits, Titters, Titties, Tomatoes, Tooters, Torpedoes, Twangers, Twin Peaks, Twofers, Umlauts, Upper Deck, Waldos, Warheads, Warts, Watermelons, Whoppers, Wobblers, Wongas, Yabbos, Yams, Zeppelins.


Aunt Flo, Aunt Rosie Is in Town, All's Not Quiet on the Waterfront, Blood Week, Collywobbles, Curse of Eve, Drip, Entertain the General, Fall off the Roof, Flying the Flag, Holy Week, Having the Painters in High Tide, Jinx, Little Sister is Here, Monthlies, My Buddy, My Friend, On the Bun, On the Pole, On the Rag, Period, Problem, Ragging, Ragtime, Red Flag, Red Sails in the Sunset, Riding the Cotton Pony, Road Up for Repairs, Sick, Stop Sign, Tail Flowers, That Time, That Way, The Captain is at Home, The Curse, The Foe, The Hammock is Swinging, The Plague, The Thing, The Visitor, Turns, Wearing the Bulky Roll, Woman's Home Companion.


Bandage, Clout, Cunt Rag, Fanny Rag, Flag, Granny Rag, Man Hole Cover, Mouth Mattress, Muck Rag, Mutt Rag, Pleasure Garden Padlock, Rag , Red Flag, Window Blind.


About-To-Find-Pups, Apron Up, Baby-Bound, Bagged, Belly Up, Big with Child, Broken-Kneed, Clucky, Cocked-Up, Coming Fresh, Delicate Condition, Double-Ribbed, Gragrant, Full of Heir, Gone To Seed, Have a Dumpling, Have One in the Oven, Have One's Cargo Aboard, In a Family Way, In Pod, In the Pudding Club, In Trouble, Knocked Up, Loaded, Looking Piggy, On the Bones, P.G., Pillowed, Preggers, Preggy, Shot in the Giblets, Storked, Stung By a Serpent, Swallowed a Watermelon Seed, Up and Coming, Up the Stick, Wedged Up, With Squirrel.


A Bit of Jam, Action, Ball, Ballock, Baloney Ride, Bananas and Cream, Bang, Basket Making, Batter, Beef, Beef Injection, Be in a Woman's Beef, Belly Ride, Belt, Blanket Drill, Board, Blow off the Loose, Corns, Boff, Bone, Bore, Bottle, Bounce, Bump, Bumper, Bump Fur, Bunny Fuck, Bury One's Wick, Bury the Bone, Bush Patrol, Buzz the Brillo, Cane, Change One's Luck, Charge, Chuck a Tread, Climb, Cock Up, Come Across, Couple With, Cover, Crack It, Cram, Crawl, Cream, Cut, Dance the Mattress Jig, Daub of the Brush, Dick, Dicky Dunk, Diddle, Dip Your Stinger in the Honey, Dip Your Stick, Dip Your Wick, Dirty Work at the Crossroads, Do, Do a Dive in the Dark, Do a Flop, Do a Push, Do a Slide Up the Board, Dog, Do It,Do the Deed, Do the Nasty, Ease Nature, Exchange Spits, Feather-Bed Jig, Feed the Dummy, Fiddle, Firk, Fit End To End, Fix Her Plumbing, Flesh Session, Flop, Flop in the Hay, Four-Legged Frolic, Frig, Fuck, Fun and Games, Get a Bit, Get a Chunk, Get a Crumpet, Get a Hunk, Get a Little, Get a Piece, Get a Snippet, Get a Wet One, Get Home, Get In, Get Into Her Pants, Get Into Some Serious Flesh, Get It On, Get Jack in the Orchard, Get Laid, Get Lucky, Get One's Ashes Hauled, Get One's Greens, Get One's Leather Stretched, Get One's Noodle Wet, Get One's Oil Changed, Get Some, Get Some Action, Get Some Ass, Get Some Crack, Get Some Hair, Get Some Hole, Get Some Pussy, Get Some Stuff, Get Some Tail, Get Some Tweeze, Get Your Been Waxed, Get Your Pole Varnished, Give Her a Stab, Go All the Way, Go Like a Belt-Fed Motor, Go To Bed With, Go To It, Go To Town, Go Vaulting, Grease the Wheel, Grind, Grind One's Tool, Hanky-Panky, Have, Have a Bit, Have a Bit of Giblet Pie, Have a Bit of Summer Cabbage, Have a Blow Through, Have Sex With, Hide the Ferret, Hide the Salami, Hit on the Tail, Hock, Hop On, Horizontal Refreshment, Hose, Hot Roll with Cream, Hump, Impale, Introduce Charley, Incade, Irish Whist, Jazz, Jink, Job, Join Paunches, Jounce, Joy Ride, Jug, Juke, Jump, Jump on One's Bones, Knock, Knock off a Piece, Know , Ladies' Tailoring, Lay, Lay off With, Lay Some Pipe, Lay the Hip, Lay the Leg, Leap, Leap On, Lie On, Lie With, Lob In, Love, Make, Make Feet for Children's Shoes, Make It, Make Love, Make Out With, Make the Scene, Making Babies, Makin' Whoopee, Mate, Mess Around, Mingle Limbs, Mix One's Peanut Butter, Mount, Mug, Muss, Nail, Nail Two Bellies Together, Nick, Nig, Nub, Nug, Nut, Oblige, Off, Park Your Yacht in Hair Harbor, Peel One's Best End, Peg, Perform, Pestle, Piece, Piece of Ass, Piece of Pussy, Piece of Snatch, Piece of Tail, Pile , Pile-Driving, Pin, Plant the Oats, Play at All Fours, Play Hide the Bone, Plow, Pluck, Plug, Pocket the Red, Poke, Pole, Pole Work, Polish Your Rocket, Pop, Pork, Post a Letter, Pound, Pump, Punch, Push, Put the Boots To, Quimsticking, Put the Tool in the Shed, Ram, Ride, Rip Off, Rites of Venus, Roasting the Broomstick, Roll, Roll in the Hay, Rock, Rod, Roger, Romp, Root, Rootle, Roust, Rub Bacons, Rub Up, Rumble, Rumple, Rutting, Salt, Saw off a Chunck, Score, Screw, Scutz Around, Secret Services, Service, Shack Up, Shaft, Shag, Shake, Shake the Sheets, Shoot Between Wind and Water, Shoot One's Wad, Short Arm Practice, Shove, Sit-up, Sink the Sausage, Sink the Soldier, Slam, Sleep With, Slip Her a Length, Slip Into, Split, Spoil, Squat Jumps in the Cucumber Patch, Squattin' on the Hog, Squeeze and a Squirt, Stab, Stable My Naggle, Strop One's Beak, Strum, Stuff, Swing, Tail-Work, Take a Turn in the Stubble, Take a Turn on Shooter's Hill, Tear off a Piece, Tear the Sheets, The Disappearing Cane Trick, The Matrimonial Polka, Thread, Thread the Needle, Throw a Hump, Throw a Leg Over, Throw a Shot, Thump, Tie the True Lover's Knot, Tiff, Tip the Long One, To Be Intimate, Tooling in the Woods, Tops and Bottoms, Trim, Trim the Buff, Trip Up the Rhine, Tumble, Tumple, Turn Up, Twiddle, Varnish One's Cane, Vault, Vitamin F, Wap, Wham, What Mother Did, Before Me, Wind the Clock, Womanize, Work, Workout, Work the Dumb Oracle, Work the Hairy Oracle, Yard, Yentz.

SEXUAL AROUSAL (both sexes)

Blotty, Brimming, Bulging, Cockish, Dripping for It, Feeling Hairy, Frisky, Fuckish, Gamy, Hairy, Horny, Hot, Hot-Assed, Hot and Bothered, Hot Nuts, Hot Pants, Humpy, In the Mood, In Season, Itchy Pants, Juiced Up, Juicy, Lathered, Moist, Motor Running, On for One's Greens, Oncoming, Pruney, Rammish, Randy, Ready, Rooty, Ruttish, Sexed Up, Tumbling Ripe, Turned On, Up, Wet.


Cock-Happy, Cunny Haunted, Cunt-Struck.


Blue Balls, Hot Rocks, Love Nuts, Lover's Nuts, Stone Ache.


Balloon, Cheater, Close Combat Sock, Diving Suit, Drop Catcher, Eel Skin, Fear-Not, French Letter, Gasket, Joy Bag, One-Piece Overcoat, Pipe Pull-Over, Port Said Garter, Raincoat, Rubber, Rubber Glove, Safe, Scumbag, Sheath, Shower Cap, Tail Sheath.


Bone, Boner, Bone-On, Burgeoning Truncheon, Captain Standish, Flagpole, Hard, Hard-On, Horn, In One's Best Clothes, Irish Toothache, Mean-On, Morning Pride, Old Hornington, On the Stand, Pants Pusher, Piss Hard, Piss Proud, Prod, Proud Below the Navel, Proud Mary, Raid, Riser, Rise in Your Levi's, Rod-On, Rock Python, Spike, Stalk, Standing Ware, Stand-Up, Stiff, Stiffer, Steely Dan, Sporting a Sequoia, Throbber, Woody.


Accident, Adulterine, Babe of Love, Bachelor's Son, Bar Steward, Bastard, Born Out of Wedlock, Bush Colt, Bye-Blow, Catch Colt, Chance-Born, Chance Child, Hasty Pudding, Love Child, Merry-Begotten Child, Misbegotten, Momzer, Natural, Nephew, Niece, Out-Child, Side Wind, Single Child, Son of a Bitch, Squeaker, Stall Whimper, Whoreson, Yard Child.


Alley Cat, Amoroso, Animal, Basher, Bed-Presser, Belly Bumper, Bird's Nester, Bluebeard, Bum-Fiddler, Casanova, Chimney Sweep, Chippy Chaser, Cock Hound, Cocksman, Cocksmith, Don Juan, Eager Beaver, Feather-Bed Soldier, Fleece Hunter, Flesh Fly, Flesh Monger, Flower Fancier, Fox Hunter, Fuckster, Gamestock, Gash Hound, Goat, Grouser, Gully Raker, Hair Monger, Headhunter, Horseman, King of Clubs, Ladies' Tailor, Lech, Libertine, Lothario, Lover, Make-Out Artist, Meat Hound, Moll Hunter, Mr. Horner, Muttoner, Parish Bull, Pelter, Pinch-Bottom, Prigger, Quail Hunter, Ranger, Rider, Rooster, Rounder, Rutter, Sexpert, Sexual Athlete, Sharpshooter, Skin Dog, Smell-Smock, Son of Venus, Sportsman, Stallion, Stoat, Stud, Swinger, Swordsman, Tad, Tit Kisser, Tomcat, Town Bull, Town Rake, Tug-Mutton, Tummy Tickler, Whisker Splitter, Whore Hopper, Whore Hound, Womanizer, Woodman.


Adultera, Alley Cat, Bangster, Bed Bunny, Belly-Lass, Biffer Bimbo, Bunny, Calico Queen, Charity Stuff, Chippy, Coming Wench, Cum Freak, Dead Easy, Easy Lay, Easy Make, Easy Meat, Floozie, Free-For-All, Free Ride, Gay in the Groin, Gobble-Prick, Goober Grabber, Grassback, Grind, Hairy Bit, High Flyer, Hobby Horse, Horns-To-Sell, Hot Lay, Hot Number, Hot Stuff, Not Tamale, Hussy, Jazz Baby, Letching Piece, Light Skirts, Loose Woman, Miss Horner, Nestlecock, Nympho, Open-Ass, Pick-Up, Piece of Stray, Playgirl, Pleaser, Push-Over, Puta, Roundheel, Scupper, Sexpot, Shagstress, Short-Heeled Wench, Slot-Job, Soft-Jaw, Strollop, Tickle-Tail, Town Punch, Tramp, Wag-Tail, Walk-Up Fuck, Wanton, Warm Bit, Willing-Tit, Yes-Girl.


Ass-Peddler, Bachelor's Wife, Bangster, Barrack Hack, Bimmy, Bird, Biscuit, Blouser, Bob Tail, Boong Moll, Broad, Bunny, Burlap Sister, Business Girl, Butt-Peddler, Call Girl, Cannon Woman, Canvasback, Chippy, Cock-Eyed Jenny, Coffee Grinder, Cum-Catcher, Common Sewer, Company Girl, Crack Salesman, Cruiser, Door Keeper, Dress for Sale, Early Door, Erring Sister, Fallen Woman, Fast-Fanny, Fast Woman, Ferry, Flag-About, Flash-Tail, Flatbacker, Flax-Wench, Flesh Pot, Floosie, Foreskin Hunter, Frail Sister, Garbage Can, Guinea Hen, Harlot, Harpie, Hat-Rack, Hay-Bag, Hooker, Hose-Bag, Hunt-About, Hustler, Joy Girl, Lady of the Evening, Lease-Piece, Livestock, Loose Fish, Lowheel, Mattress, Merry-Legs, Moonlighter, Moth, Needle-Woman, Night Jobber, Nockstress, Notch-Broad, Nymph of Darkness, Old Rip, Overnight Bag, Painted Woman, Pavement Princess, Piece, Piece of Trade, Pinch Prick, Pintle-Twister, Poker Climber, Pro, Prossy, Punchable Nun, Puta, Quail, Quiff, Raspberry Tart, Receiver General, Red-Light Sister, Sailor's Bait, Sales Lady, Scarlet Sister, She Sails, Sister, Sister of Mercy, Sloop of War, Slut, Speedy Sister, Sporting Girl, Stem Siren, Streetwalker, Strumpet, Tail, Tart, Thrill Dame, Toffer, Tricking Broad, Tumble, Vent Renter, Vice Sister, Whore, Window Tapper, Woman About Town, Working Girl, Zook.


Apron Squire, Ass Peddler, Brother of the Gusset, Button Broker, Crack Salesman, Fishmonger, Flesh Peddler, Gorilla, Honey Man, Hustler, Iceberg Slim, Mack Man, Missionary, Panderer, Petticoat Merchant, Ponce, Procurer, Prosser, Runner, Skirt Man, Stable Boss, Toute, Whiskin.


Academy, Bagnio, Bag-Shanty, Band Box, Bat House, Beauty Parlor, Beaver Base, Bed House, Birdcage, Bordello, Button-Hole Factory, Cab Joint, Cake Shop, Call House, Can House, Cat Flat, Cat House, Chippy House, Coupling House, Disorderly House, Doss House, Fish Market, Flash Crib, Flesh Market, Fuckery, Garden House, Girlery, Coat House, Goosing Slum, Heifer Barn, House of All Nations, House of Ill Fame, Kip Shop, Knocking Shop, Ladies College, Leaping House, Moll Shop, Notchery, Notch Joint, Nunnery, Pushing School, Red-Light House, Rib Joint, Riding Academy, Sporting House, Temple of Venus, Touch-Crib, Vaulting House, Warm Shop, Whorehouse, Whore Shop.


Backstroke Roulette, Bash the Candle, Beat Off, Beat the Bishop, Beat the Dummy, Beat the Meat, Beat the Stick, Bleed the Weed, Blow Your Load, Bludgeon the Beefsteak, Bop the Baloney, Box the Jesuit, Buff the Banana, Burp the Worm, Butter the Corn, Choke the Chicken, Choke the Sheriff and Wait for the Posse to Come, Clean Your Rifle, Crank the Shank, Crown the King, Cuff the Carrot, Diddle, Drain the Monster, Fist Fuck, Fist Your Monster, Five Against One, Flog the Dog, Flog the Hog, Flog Your Dong, Flute Solo, Fondle the Fig, Gallop the Antelope, Give It a Tug, Grease the Pipe, Hack the Hog, Hand Job, Hand Work, Have It Off, Hitchhike Under the , Big Top, Hump Your Hose, Jackhammer, Jack Off, Jazz Yourself, Jerk Off, Jerk the Gherkin, Lope the Mule, Make the Bald Man Puke, Manipulate the Mango, Manual Override, Milk the Lizard, Mount a Corporal and Four, Nerk Your Throbber, Oil the Glove, Onan's Olympics, One-Man Show, Pack Your Palm, Paddle the Pickle, Paint the Pickle, Paint the Ceiling, Please Your Pisser, Plunk Your Twanger, Pocket Pinball, Pocket Pool, Polish the Rocket, Polish the Sword, Pound Off, Pound Your Flounder, Pound Your Pud, Pull Off, Pull the Pole, Pull the Pope, Pull the Pudding, Pull Your Prick, Pull Your Taffy, Pump the Python, Ram the Ham, Ride the Great White Knuckler, Rope the Pony, Rub Off, Shag, Shaking Hands With the Unemployed thanks everyone, Shine Your Pole, Shootin' Putty At the Moon, Slakin' the Bacon, Slammin' the Salmon, Slam the hammer, Slam the Spam, Slappin' Pappy, Slapping the Clown, Sling the Jelly, Snap the Monkey, Snap the Rubber, Snap the Whip, Soldier's Joy, Spank the Frank, Spank the Salami, Squeeze the Lemon, Squeeze the Twinkie, Stroking it, Stroke Off, Stroke the Dog, Stroke Your Poker, Take Yourself in Hand, Tease the Weenie, Tenderize the Meat, The Five-Knuckle Shuffle, Thump the Pump, Tickle Your Pickle, Toss Off, Tweak Your Twinkle, Varnish the Flagpole, Visiting Rosie Palm And Her Five Daughters, Walk the Dog, Wank, Wax the Carrot, Wax the Dolphin, Whack Off, Whip Off, Whip the Dummy, Whip the Wire, Whip Your Dripper, Whizzin' Jizzum, Wonk Your Conker, Work Off, Wrestle the Eel, Wring Out Your Rope, Yang Your Wang, Yank Off, Yank the Crank, Yank the Plank, Yank the Yam, Yank Your Strap.


Beat the Beaver, Clap Your Clit, Cookin Cucumbers, Finger, Finger Fuck, Finger Job, Gettin' It Wet, Greasin' the Gash, Hand Trip, Hide the Hot Dog, Hit the Slit, Hose Your Hole, Juice Your Sluice, Let the Beaver Swim, Makin' Some Soup, Pet the Poodle, She-Bop, Slam the Clam, Tickle the Taco, Two-Finger Tango.


Alice, Ass Bandit, Angel, Ass King, Auntie, Blow Boy, Bun Duster, Buttercup, Bandit, Belle, Bent, Betty, Boy, Broken-Wrist, Brown-Hatter, Cocksucker, Cake Eater, Cream Puff, Cock Queen, Capon, Cannibal, Chicken, Chicken-hawk, Closet Queen, Cowboy, Dick Sucker, Daffodil, Ducky, Daisy, Dandy, Dicky Licker, Ethel, Fag, Faggot, Fruit, Fairy, Flit, Flaming Faggot, Gay, Gayboy, Girlie, Goat Blower, Gobbler, Gonsel, Green and Yellow Fellow, Gentlemiss, Gussie, Homo, He-She, Himmer, Hen-Hussy, Joy Boy, Joey, Lad-Lass, Lisper, Lavender Boy, Light-Foot, Lily, Limp-Wrist, Lick-Spigot, Malkin, Mary Ann, Molly Mop, Miss Nancy, Meat Hound, Midnight Company, Mince, Minty, Mother, Mattress Muncher, Nance, Nancy Boy, Nelly, Nephew, One of Those, Pink Pants, Pansy, Poof, Panty Waist, Powder Puff, Pretty Boy, Pussy, Punk, Pillow-Biter, Piccolo Player, Quiff, Queer, Queen, Quince, Rear Admiral, Rear Gunner, Raving Queen, Rimadonna, Receiver, Sissy, Screaming Fairy, Sis, Soapy, Sister, Spurge, Sissy-Britches, Skin Diver, Skippy, Suckster, Sweetie, Swish, Thrid-Sexer, Three-Dollar Bill, Three-Legged Beaver, Twinkle, Twank, Twixter, Turd Burglar, Uranist, Undercover Man, Whoops Boy, Willie Boy, Wonk.


Amy-John, Boon Dagger, Bull, Bull Dyke, Bull Dagger, Butch, Beaver Eater, Carpet Muncher, Dyke, Diesel Dyke, Fairy Lady, Fem, Femme, Fluff, Fluzz Dyke, Gal Boy, Gay , Jasper, Lady-Lover, Les, Lesbyterian, Lezzie, Lesbo, Lezzo, Lover Under the Lap, Margie, Mintle, Ruffle, Rug Eater, Split Tail Lover, Sappho, Sister, Sergeant, Tribadist, Tootsie, Top Sergeant, Wolf.


Bird-Taker, Brown-Hatter, Brownie, Brownie King, Bugger, Bum Fucker, Burglar, Corn-Holer, Eye Doctor, Gentleman of the Back Room, Gut Butcher, Gut Fucker, Gut Scraper, Gut Stuffer, Inspector of Manholes, Jesuit, Jockey, Reamer, Ring-Snatcher, Sheep-Herder, Shit Stirrer, Stern Chaser, Stuffer, Turd Burglar, Turk, Uncle, Usher, Wolf.


Ass-Fuck, Back Door, Bake Potatoes, Bend Some Ham, Baloney Colonic, Bosco Boulevard, Brown, Brown Hole, Bugger, Bum Fuck, Butt-Bang, Butt-Fuck, Chocolate Speedway, Cornhole, Dig a Ditch, Dip in the Fudge Pot, Do a Brown, Dot the "I", Fish for Brown Trout, Fluff the Duff, Get Some Mud For the Duck, Goin' Down the Dirt Road, Greeking, Hershey Highway, Hit Someone in the Seat, Kiester Stab, Kneeling At the Altar, Making Poundcake, Mustard Road, Over the Bridge To Plimpton, Packing Fudge, Paint the Bucket, Pop It in the Toaster, Powder Someone's Cheeks, Pushin' Shit Uphill, Ram Job, Ream, Rectify, Ride the Deck, Saddle Up, Shit-Fuck, Split Some Buns, Stir Fudge, Third Way, Thread Somebody, Tom-Fuck, ANALINGUS, Ass Blow, Bite the Brown, Blow Some Ass, Clean Up the Kitchen, Eat Jam, Eat Poundcake, Lickety-Split, Play the Piano, Rim Job, Rimming, Shove the Tongue, Smear the Tuna, Snarf, Suck Asshole, Sugar Bowl Pie, Take a Trip to the Moon, Tell a French Joke, Tongue-Fuck, Toss a Salad, Whitewash the Back 40, FELLATIO, B.J., Blow, Blow Job, Blow the Whistle, Bone-Lipper, Chew It, Cop a Doodle, Cop a Stem, Drop on It, Eat Dick, Fluting, French Job, French Way, Get a Facial, Give Face, Give Head, Give Pearls, Gobble, Gobble the Goop, Go Down, Go Down for a Whomp, Go Down On, Gum a Root, Gunch, Head Job, Hum a Tune, Hum Job, Hummer, Inhale the Oyster, Knob Job, Lay Some Lip, Mouth Fuck, Munch, Open Wide for Chunky, Pipe Job, Piston Job, Play a Tune, Polish the Chrome, Polish the Knob, Serve Head, Slob the Knob, Smoke a Dick, Smoke the White Owl, Suck a Bondini, Suck Dick, Suck Off, Suck the Sugar-Stick, Sucky-Fucky, Swallow a Sword, Swing on It, Tongue Job, Worship At the Alter, Wring It Dry.


Barking At the Ape, Bird-Washing, Blow Job, Box Lunch, Canyon Yodeling, Cuntino Filet with White Sauce, Cunt Lapping, Dive a Muff, Eating At the "Y", Eating Pussy, Eating Out, Egg McMuff, Face Job, French Job, French Tricks, Furburger, Give Face, Give Head, Go Down On, Go South , Go Under the House, Hair Pie, Head Job, Larking, Lickety Split, Moustache Ride, Muff Barking, Muff Dive, Mumbling in the Moss, Pearl Diving, Playing in the Sandbox, Sea Food Dinner, Shrimping, Sit on One's Face, Skull Fuck, Skull Job, Smokin' the Fur, Sneeze in the Basket, Sneeze in the Cabbage, Talking To the Boat People, Talking the Canoe Driver, Telephone the Stomach, Tongue-Fuck, Tuna Taco, Whistle in the Dark, Whistling in the Weeds, Yodeling in the Gully.


Dinner Beneath the Bridge, Double Header, Flip Flop, Head Over Heels in Love, Loop-De-Loop, Play Hoop Snake, P's & Q's, Sea Food Mutual, Sixty-Nine, GROUP SEX, Bunch Punch, Chain Jerk, Choo-Choo, Circle Jerk, Club Sandwich, Crew Screw, Daisy Chain, Everythingathon, Fuckathon, Gang Bang, Gang Shag, Group Grope, Mazola Party, Mob Job, Mongolian Cluster Fuck, Orgy, Pull a Train, Pull Party, Ring Jerk, Round Pound, Swing Party, Team Cream, Three Way.


Arse, Ass, Asshole, Back End, Back Door, Back Door Trumpet, Backside, Behind, Bim, Blind Eye, Blot, Bogey, Boody, Nooty, Bosco Boulevard, Bottom, Brown Bucket, Brownie, Bucket, Bum, Bung Hole, Buns, Butt, Caboose, Can, Cheeks, Chocolate Speedway, Chuff, Clunes, Corybungus, Culo, Derriere, Dirt Road, Dot, Double Juggs, Duff, Dummock, Duster, Fanny, Farting Clapper, Feak, Fud, Fudge Tunnel, Gigi, Grommet, Hershey Highway, Hearts, Heinie, Hind , Hole, Hunkers, Kiester, Khyber Pass, Last Part Over the Fence, Latter End, Little Brown Eyeball, Luds, Moon, Nates, North Pole, Orbs, Poop Chute, Port Hole, Prats, Pucker Hole, Rear, Rear End, Rester, Ring, Rip, Round Eye, Rump, Scut, Seat, Sewer, Shit Chute, Slats, Tail , Tan Track, Toby, Toches, Tush, Under Side, Windmill, Windward Passage.


Alley Apple, Baby Ruth, Brown Round, Ca-Ca, Cack, Cow Pucky, Crap, Dead Soldier, Doo-Doo, Dreck, Dung, Duty, Hockey, Horse Dumpling, Jack, Meadow Dressing, Night Soil, Plot, Poop, Poo-Poo, Shit, Turd, Yackum.


Bury a Quaker, Chuck a Turd, Clart, Dispatch One's Cargo, Drop a Load, Go Potty, Grunt, Lay Some Cable, Make a Deposit, Pinch a Loaf, Poop, Post a Letter, Scumber, Squat, Take a Dump, Take a Shit, RELATED, Chuffnuts, Clinkers, Dingleberries, Fartleberries, Klingons, Will-Knots, FLATULENCE, Back-Talk, Blast, Blow Off, Blow the Horn, Break Wind, Breeze, Bucksnort, Burn Bad Powder, Burnt Cheese, Cabbage Fart, Cheezer, Chocolate Thunder, Crepitate, Cut One, Drop a Rose, Fart, Fluff, Gurk, Hinder Blast, Honk, Lay a Fart, Let Go, Let One, Make a Rude Noise, Pass Air, Pocket Thunder, Poot, Rouser, Scotch Warming-Pan, Shoot Rabbits, Stinker, Tail Shot, Talk German, Tee Off, Wet One, Whiffer, Winder.


Chamber Lye, Cousin Sis, Golden Shower, Long Tea, Mickey Bliss, Number One, Pee, Pee-Pee, Piss, Sis, Tail Juice, Tail Water, Tea, Wee, Wee-Wee, Yellow Stream, Zigg.


Bleed the Liver, Burn the Grass, Do Number One, Drain, Drain the Lizard, Drain the Radiator, Drain the Snake, Drain the Suds, Kill a Snake, Kill a Tree, Lag, Lant , Leak, Let Fly, Make, Make Water, Nature Stop, Pass Water, Pee, Pee-Pee, Pick a Daisy, Piddle, Piss, Point Percy at the Porcelain, Pump Ship, Rack Off, Run Off, Shake a Sock, Shake Hands with an Old Friend, Shake the Dew off the Lily, Slack, Splash, Spring a Leak, Squeeze the Lemon, Squirt, Strain One's Taters, Syphon the Python, Take a Leak, Take a Piss, Take Your Snake for a Gallop, Tinkle, Toy-Toy, Train Terrence on the Terra Cotta, Visit Miss Murphy, Void, Water the Dragon, Water the Horses, Wee, Wee-Wee, Wet, Whiz, Wring Out a Kidney, Wring the Dew off the Branch, Wring Your Sock Out.


Cheese, Duck Butter, Gnat Bread.


Altar Room, Bath, Bathroom, Biffy, Bog, Chamber of Commerce, Closet of Decency, Comfort Station, Facilities, Gentlemen's Room, Gents' Room, Indoor Plumbing, Jake, John, Ladies' Room, Lay, Leakery, Library, Little Boy's Room, Little Girl's Room, Loo, Marble Palace, Men's Room, Mrs. Jones's Place, Old Soldiers' Home, Pisser, Plumbing, Pot, Powder Room, Public Convenience, Rest Room, Sandbox, Shit House, Shitter, Shot Tower, Tearoom, Twilight, Used Beer Department, Washroom, Water Closet, Where the Queen Goes on Foot, Whiz Stand, Wizzer.

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