Sales Pitch
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         Have you ever wanted a pain killer that actually works? Ever feel too lazy to turn off the lights? Get a Nug! The Nug preforms these actions in addition to almost all of those found on most Swiss Army Knives! A nug can command instant respect, can be used to open things, make friends with almost anybody, and make you the cool guy on the block. Nugs are great for little children, too! Your son or daughter will feel at the height of his or her life when handling your nug. Buy one today, only $99.99!

         Want to kindle of the flame of sexyness? Be the hottest item around by signing up on Natas's SenLive Mailing List and be red hot for life! The SenLive list ensures that you will have a fully paid senior housing plan which comes with a complementary barbeque set and all the women you can bear (and more!). Subscriptions are going for free, so act now!

         Another exclusive item we sell here is D-gum. It will probably take everything you've got on you to get, but it is worth it. In order to get yourself D-gum, you must also purchase a reywal (although one can be provided for free). Note that it will be more difficult to get your own D-gum if you have a nug, as the salesperson to get your D-gum will have all of the aforementioned products. Special note: This product is awarded to random lucky people, so look out for your D-gum in a neigorhood near you!

         Most used vehicle salesmen are able to sell from our exclusive line of products.

         To figure out what these items really are, higlight the text below (between the dashes):
Simple! Just read backwards;

nug => gun,
Natas's SenLive => Evilness Satan,
D-gum => mugged;
used car salesman => namselas elcihev desu => nameless elk-alive desert.
I also sell the London Bridge.
Note: This document is intended to be used for comic relief and Khopesh Ltd. does not sell or support the activities mentioned above. Have a nice day.


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