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         Updates do happen. We are wrapping up the year as the seniors (most of the club) prepare for graduating. Bevis and Ben have both stopped holding meetings and Adam remains the only active Dungeon Master in the club. The current campaign included a bloody loot and plunder of a city. The city has since been blown up and several of the characters barely rolled system shock to save. Gunpowder will no longer be needed (this I will not tell you anywhere but here) nor will it be available. Since the party's dwarven gladiator just killed a cop, I suggest you jet and get on with finding that ice breath. There are two ways you can leave: Negotiate for the gladiator (and perhaps learn something from the cops--remember that the party did save the goddamn city!) or break him out (faster and no time spent negotiating). In addition to the aforementioned knowlegde, you can mention this for a free ten thousand experience points. Just use the password D-D-I-S-x where x is your first initial (isn't that stupid? Stupidity rules!).
         If you have a different RPG (Role Playing Game), preferably fantasy, mythical or science fiction, and are interested in playing it, I need to see it and read the rules at least briefly to see if it is suitable material for use as a future club activity. If you want me or another member to GM (game master) it, the rules must be supplied and loaned to the potential GM. We are tentatively planning Vampire: The Masquerade.--err, probably not by now. Oh, well; I don't give a rat's ass.

         I am Khopesh, Head Dungeon Master and founder of this club and keeper of this webpage. You have just entered the realm of the Newton North High School Fantasy Role Playing Club. This is a club of many unique and talented people, in all four grades. Members pilot characters through quests, telling exactly what these characters do (which is limited only by the player's imagination). They have battled traitorous shape-shifters acting as companions (dopplegangers) and fierce trolls, they have lead kingdoms in times of trouble and war, they have braved through dangerous swamps and survived the deadliest of magics.

A REAL AD&D Player
         Note to members: You can suggest things to add to this page (as it is obviously lacking material)! Write a blurb or something and I'll probably put it up.
         We here at the NNHS FRP Club encourage people of names who match existing members to join. Doubles are always fun(ny). We have three Adams, two Bens, two Jasons, three Jons, two Mikes...


         The Fantasy Role Playing club can be found in room 362 (Ms. Richardson's room) during X2 on Thursdays.

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