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Last Updated 10/18/98

  • Registered McAfee VirusScan 3.1.9 #1 Virus Checker warez.   4,386KB
  • Norton Secret Stuff file encrypter warez.   156KB
  • Winzip 6.3 warez. Version 6.3 SR-1 (926) 32-bit.   696KB
  • Cute FTP 2.0 FTP upload/download prog, warez.   811KB
  • Word Express 2.02 warez. This is THE word processor! All the good features, no bugs!   3,028KB
  • Joke #1 freeware joke program that is a simple popup window with a funny message. Good attachment for April Fools' day emails.   11KB
  • Joke #2 demo of a game that looks like a virus that deletes your hard drive ("it's just a game")   895KB
  • Fonts includes 45 good fonts, many of which are used in Khopesh's Web Pages.   1,401KB

    Last Updated 10/18/98

  • Astalavista Crackz search, one of THE best.
  • Warez search. This Altavista search string will find the most current warez servers out there. Simply add a title to the string in the correct syntax or even click on the first promising link.
  • WarezUniverse.
  • FTP warez search engine. This is a very commercial site that isn't the best.
  • World's Real Top Sitez.

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