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      Which French castle in England do soldiers defend by throwing livestock at assaulters? Perhaps the greatest comedians of all time, Monty Python will live as long as movies themselves. Their hit movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail was one of the funniest movies ever. As soon as you could straighten your face and get back on your seat, they would just send you to the floor in laughter.
      I also watch Mr. Bean, the absolute funniest show on TV and the world's best slapstick; with Monty Python, you could get off the floor, but Mr. Bean will keep you there for a full thrity minutes, laughing so hard that you'll even strugle to breathe, and there are no commercials, either; its on PBS (from BBC?). Bean differs from Monty Python in that there is little or no talk. He says things only when absolutely nessesary (and his comments are always cause for laughter); the actor, Rowin Adkinson, conveys the comedy physically, doing things that seem silly and rediculous to see in writing or hear in conversation -you must SEE it to believe it. Warning: do not watch this after a large feast! Laughter comes from the same area as your food is processed!
      Other comedies that I have enjoyed include Simpsons (FOX sundays, 8p and weekdays, 7:00p? and (in Boston-WFXT 25) 11p), Saturday Night Live (CBS saturdays, 11:30p), MAD TV (FOX saturdays, 11:00p), Rowin Adkinson (Mr. Bean on TV and in the movie), Will Smith (Men in Black, Independance Day), Jim Carrey (Liar, Liar, The Mask), Robbin Williams (Father's Day, Jumanji), and John Cleese (of Monty Python; he who farts in your general direction, Faulty Towers -on BBS/PBS).
      I also watch the X-Files (FOX, Sundays at 9p and (in Boston-WFXT 25) 11p), my current favorite of television shows. I am a long-time X-Phile (watcher of X-Files); I haven't missed an episode since before the second season permier. Here's happening now: Skinner's trustworthiness is questionable. Mulder's suicide fein was unoriginal. They've killed the smoking man and revealed his daughter, . . . Samantha (more unexplained holes, not as much a suprise)! Scully had a daughter, revealed and deceased in the same episode (merry Christmas).
      The Outer Limits is back. This was the show that could blow away any X-Phile or Sci-Fi fan that ever lived; in the first season. Unfortunately, its writers have become obsessed with the "real but not real" theme, covering illusions, hallucinations, and the like. This has caused the show to lose my interest; the theme has been exausted! The shows are now lame and uneventful. The first season was far superior; compared to it, the new season blows fish chips. Still, some of the episodes present cool new sci-fi mind-boggling concepts and play around with them, and some are really good. Check the web site for local listings; in Boston, check WFXT FOX 25, saturday nights at 5p? and 2a. It is also on Showtime (but i don't know when and don't get cable--rats; no South Park).
      Other favorite shows of mine include The Pretender (NBC saturdays, 8pm), The Highlander (still on WABU ch68 here in Boston, and also still on cable (Showtime?), with actual NEW episodes--ooh, gimme cable!), The Visitor (FOX fridays, 8pm).
    Unjustly Cancelled:  I also watched Sliders (was FOX fridays, 8pm), Spy Game (was ABC saturdays, 10pm), and Mr. and Mrs. Smith (was NBC fridays, 9p -I guess that Dateline was more important) before some stupid critics thought that there were better things to air.
      Here's a list of good movies:
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