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         Music. It can express love, hate, devotion, philosophy, religion, toughness, and a billion other things. Sullivan, by Caroline Spine, expresses the story of a poor Mrs. Sullivan, southerner, who lost all five of her sons in WWII fighting in the South Pacific ocean with the American naval forces. Novicaine expresses the band's love for novicaine as an illicit drug. Detachable Penis tells a fictional story of the band leader's being drunk at a party and misplacing his (detachable) penis and then searching for it (he found a bum selling it and had to haggle for it). Third Eye, by Tool, deals with the band's views on drugs in general. Third Eye states that if you can't stand drugs and won't have anything to do with them then you should get rid of every single CD you own (since almost all of them were written by stoned punks). Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor (the only member) wrote a song entitled Heresy, which states "God is dead, and no-one cares! If there is a Hell, I'll see you there!"
         And what of free speach? Slowly but surely, the Constitution is winning. The Blue Ribbon Campaign and the Up Yours, Congress campaigns have fought for free speech on the net, but other groups have worked longer on freeing the radio. (As one may notice), a major breakthrough in this field was made about a year ago. The terms bitch, ass, suck, and hell were all permitted on television and the radio. This was immediately obvious by the increased usage of these words in primetime shows (and soaps). See my argument on four letter obscenities here. While it's not the government's fault (rather, it is the fault of the FCC) that "bad" words can't be broadcasted over the radio waves, the regulations are unconstitutional (say, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, good-old ammendment #1) and therefore it partially is the government's fault that such a practice can be continued.

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