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Dizzy Earth
Dizzy Earth

         Hey, its Adam. Here are your moves, in map then text form. In the event that you're really into this game, check out the Yahoo! listings of Diplomacy or the Diplomatic Pouch.
         Remember, Mikey, the GM, is the one with the full rules (and understanding of them), and his decisions override this page. Note that you cannot have units in Switzerland, Caspian Sea, or any unlabled province (Iceland, Cyprus, Hokkaido, Ireland, Caelcorwynn, Sicily, Cape Verde, Albiele, etc).
         Map clarifications:   Germany is now orange. A light color represents a Fleet, a dark color being an Army. The color of the supply center sometimes corresponds to its conquerer (lazy ol' me), but usually is the same as the owner's armies. Sorry about the last map and the tardiness of this one; I had holidays to spend with my family.
         None of the colors on the key should be the same. Mail me if you have problems.

Map for Fall, 3917 (oh, boy!) HERE IS THE MAP OF WHERE ALL OF THE UNITS ARE!  YOU MUST LOAD THIS IMAGE!                                                                       
        And, as always, -May the force be with you, and hindered by friction-.
DEADLINE FOR MOVES: Saturday, January 10 @ 10:00pm or call Mikey after 3am (preferably by a dozen or so hours).

Who's Who?




      Hapsburg Henry Lin
      Prime Minister Ben Liyanage
      Premier Emilio Oliveira
      Kaiser Michael Whitehouse
      King Adam Katz
      Tsar James Fraumeni
      Sultan Ross Fabricant
      GameMaster Mikey Franck

The Sly Italian
(note that Mikey is also italian in another game and forgets to remove it from his sig)
New Messages from the GM:

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Things to do while you wait for other peoples' moves(like mine):

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